Specialised Technical Skills


Experience / Training &

Common Sense   




Within many organizations, people bring a variety of skills, experience and indeed common sense to their respective roles. The company then provides them with additional

specialized skills (through coaching, mentoring and training), that are aligned with the company’s culture and goals. Typically this involves a focus on both technical and less well –defined ‘soft’ or interpersonal / intrapersonal skill domains.


Much attention is devoted to ‘communication skills’ when

attempting to identify and improve this latter skill domain. However many complex issues arise within the workplace where a lack of

communication is not the issue:



















Inter/Intra –Personal Skills ‘Soft’ Skills

Bottom Line: EI focuses on how emotions can facilitate thinking and adaptive behaviour at work. It relates to how people ’read’ each other at work — How they think, decide, plan, and create. Activities and abilities that relate to the kind of skills not covered by communication training.

  Political/Power struggles

  “Personality” clashes

Competition for Scarce Resources

In all of the above situations, everyone involved may completely understand the other, but may choose not to cooperate for other reasons:


“ I have to beat the other person in order to win”


“ I just can’t stand that person’s style of working” 


“ I understand this person, but I need what they’ve got”







                                                                                                                                                                Why is EI Important?